Disposable face mask

3 Ply Face Mask Earloop

Nonwoven face mask made of soft non-wove has Aluminium Nose Clips and plastic nose clips are optional with11cm long. Adjustable, good toughness, good nose shaping, no leakage. High-quality elastic ear loop, stretching 19CM, suitable for variou types. Ultrasonically welded. Pressed edge style, durable and beautiful. In the middle layer is filter paper with BFE95%. Certificated with EN14683:2005. Excellent bacterial filtration efficiency. Dustproof, Antivirus, Non-Sterile.

2 Ply Disposable Non Woven Face Mask

2-ply disposable non-woven face mask

We provide 2 Ply Ear Loop Face Masks, plastic nose clip and aluminum nose clip are available! Our face mask have effective anti-virus, deodorant, filter bacteria, dust resistance, high filter efficiency and other effects. Ear-loop face mask with Flat elastic or round elastic with 100% latex free. Widely used in food processing, clean room, catering services, electronics manufacturing.

2 ply paper disposable face mask

Disposable Paper Face Mask

Disposable paper face mask made of wood pulp raw materials. 1or 2-ply paper with Elasticated Loops. Soft cellulose layer provides superb breathing ability, dustproof, comfortable to wear, cost effective barrier protection. Latex free elasticated loops to elimate allergic reactions. Widely used in food factory and restaurants and catering for chef and waiters, beauty, environmental protection.