Disposable Polyethylene Sleeves Covers

White Poly Arm Sleeves

Poly Arm Guards is made of polyethylene material. Arm sleeves lightweight, transparent, uniform thickness, convenient and comfortable to wear. Fit right and left hands at the same time. Elastic design on the cuff, and the tightness of the bundles is not easy to loose. PE Sleeves made with latex free elastic at the wrist and elbow. Effectively prevents the poly sleeves from getting fluids or light chemicals. Protection against water,oil, acid and alkali, organic solvents, and light chemicals. Suit for food processing industries, food service, meat packing, poultry.

Disposable non-woven sleeves covers

Disposable Polypropylene Sleeves

Elastic at both ends wrist and elbow for hand protection. Arm Guards material is soft in good feeling, breathable and flexible. Sleeves Covers Keeping users arms dry and Protect clothing from dirt and grime. Hand made sleeves by sewing perfect for keeping users arms dry and protected. Suit for lab work, clean room, Food processing and service, food handling.