Disposable Blue Powdered Vinyl Glove

Blue Powdered Vinyl Glove

Powdered Vinyl Glove are stronger than polyethylene gloves. Lightly powdered vinyl glove with corn starch for easy wearing. Fits left or right hand. Easily slip on and off. work efficiently and ensure that your gloves are properly close fitting. 100% Latex free, suitable for those people allergic to latex. Suit for preventing cross-contamination, keep your hands clean. Poly vinyl chloride durable material resistant to oils, fats and grease and prevent them from tearing open during use. Widely used for food preparation, meat processing, food factories, catering applications, janitorial, housekeeping applications and sanitary industries.

Disposable Clear Powder Free Vinyl Glove

Clear Powder Free Vinyl Glove

Vinyl Glove made with no protein, No allergic reaction,A good alternative to those allergic products. Ambidextrous, Beaded cuff, smooth external finish,comfort and dexterity,Reduce the risk of tearing when wearing. Clear Powder Free Vinyl Glove have no holes on the surface of the gloves, and the colors are transparent, with no obvious ink spots or impurities. Disposable PVC Glove help protect food by providing protective barriers between hands and food. Widely used in food industry, food processing, home cleaning and home health.