Disposabel LDPE Glove

Published on 2018-6-7

LDPE Glove

Disposabel LDPE Glove

LDPE Glove made fron Low Density Polyethylene material. Transparent and waterproof, latex free in plastic fabric. Ambidextrous. Available in one size fits all. Eco-friendly and economic in light weight. Embossed enhanced textured gripping surface. LDPE Glove is lightweight and a low cost glove. Soft and very tearproof. Loose fit design for easy on and off. Widely used in food services, catering and kitchens.

      100 pcs/bag, 100 bags/ctn   100x100

       500 pcs/box, 20 boxes/ctn    500x20

      100 pcs/flat box, 10 boxes/inner carton, 10 inner cartons/ctn  100x10x10

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