Vinyl Gloves production process

Published on 2018-11-30

vinyl glove production process

Vinyl Gloves production process

If you want to know the vinyl glove production process, We need to talk about the characteristics of vinyl gloves. Disposable gloves are widely used in daily life with hygienic protection. Easy to use, good protection performance, safe and non-toxic, well received by users. At present, PVC gloves have a very broad market in developed countries and regions.

First of all, vinyl gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride with a better anti-static performance; Secondly, disposable gloves also have high corrosion resistance, and can still be used in weak acid and alkali environment. In addition, after wearing the vinyl gloves, it can be close to both hands with good flexibility and touch. Vinyl gloves are specially treated and will not cause skin irritation.

Step 1: the preparation of raw materials. Before the production of vinyl gloves, the ingredients need to be firstly mixed  in a certain ratio.  Stir in a special appliance to make a mixed emulsion.  The prepared emulsion also needs to be filtered, vacuum pumping and statically treated as required.

Step 2: The pump is used to feed the mixture into the dipping tank in the production line. In normal production conditions, the hand mold on the assembly line will automatically enters the dipping tank.

Step 3: Hand touch adhesion emulsion, preliminary produce the vinyl gloves. The main process  is to pump the processed raw material emulsion into the dipping tank, and at the same time, let the fingerprint into the dipping tank. When the hand is thick enough, remove the hand and sent to the oven. It must be noted that the fingerprint should be kept turned over for a period of time. 

In order to ensure the uniform adhesion of the emulsion on the fingerprint.

Step 4: vinyl gloves ripening Molding. After the fingerprint into the oven, it must be keep the temperature between 230 ° C and 250 ° C. After a certain period of time, the emulsion on the  fingerprint will appear ripening phenomenon, at this time the PVC gloves will be formed. After the PVC gloves are molded, remove them from the oven so that they cool naturally.  At this point, PVC gloves have been basically produced.

Step 5: vinyl gloves post process. Post-processing work includes curling lip, powdering, demoulding, powder removal, quality inspection, packaging, and warehousing.


We have 18  vinyl glove dipping production lines, we mainly process with  pe glove, pvc gloves and so on. and we have a good systerm with quanlity control.